Sinister 7

We received an email from a mom of one of Alex’ rugby teammates. Georgie is running in the sinister 7 race in the Crowsnest Pass on July 9th this is a 100 Mile race through the pass, the clincher is you have to complete this race in 30 hours!! Here is a link that leads … More Sinister 7

Proud Parents

Today John and I got up at 4AM to take Alex downtown for his first ever 10K marathon. It wasn’t until we got down there that it finally hit me that my kid who suffered a LIFE altering (to say the least) incident less than 6 months ago who has only been released from hospital … More Proud Parents

Home at Last!!!

After 19 long weeks Alex was finally released from hospital yesterday! It was a very exciting and terrifying day. He came into the office with me we had our weekly meeting, he really wanted to come in and thank the team for all they have done for him. I was impressed, he actually spoke words … More Home at Last!!!

A Taste of Home

  On Thursday afternoon it was the first Rugby game of the season at Bowness, Alex had mixed feelings about going but in the end we talked him into it. Shortly after he arrived the whole Bowness rugby team surrounded him and presented him with a signed jersey and a warm up shirt, he was … More A Taste of Home

More Work!

So it’s been a busy week the Ramp is 100% done except for staining and the powers that be are deciding what is the best to use.  🙂  Thanks so much to the guys from PCL for coming out and doing the ramp it’s so great!! We can’t thank you all enough.  On Thursday of … More More Work!

Ramp Anyone!

Hi we have started work on the house!! We are starting with just the ramp for now and hopefully later this week the flooring in the house. The ramp should be done next week I think. Alex is so excited he just wants to come even if it’s just for dinner for now 🙂 I … More Ramp Anyone!