First Hockey Game!

Sunday Alex had his first hockey game, and of course in true Sincennes style once the family found out they had to be there!! Alex was so touched that everyone would take the time to drive up and go to such an effort for him. We only took up a third of the arena so … More First Hockey Game!

Sweet 16!

Where does the time go!! Alex turned 16 yesterday December 21st however as we all know this is also the anniversary of his accident so a day of mixed feelings. As his mom, I am having a hard time coming to the realization that I have a 16 year old! I am also very grateful … More Sweet 16!

Hockey Season

Sorry for not updating for a while it’s been pretty busy. I don’t even know if too many people actually read this anymore but I promised to keep everyone updated, so update I will. Alex is still finding his way, he still has moments of great sadness but overall he is coming along. He is … More Hockey Season

Wedding X 2

Alex is gearing up for school again and he has gotten a job volunteering with the military museum it keeps him busy and helps him feel needed and purposeful.  He is still having some ups and downs but that is expected he is a trooper and stronger than I would be. It’s been a busy … More Wedding X 2

More News

Alex was asked to be the demo patient for a press release the Foothills hospital was doing in regards to a research project they are doing with the EKSO Alex was training on while in hospital. Unfortunately, he is not part of the research study itself, however he was asked by hospital communications group, the … More More News


It’s been a very busy few weeks and we are still getting into the groove. School is officially over and Alex did VERY well on his exams and is very happy to be done. Alex is still hand cycling every week I even went with him last night I have a whole new respect for … More NEW EXPERIENCE!!