Hockey Season

Sorry for not updating for a while it’s been pretty busy. I don’t even know if too many people actually read this anymore but I promised to keep everyone updated, so update I will.

Alex is still finding his way, he still has moments of great sadness but overall he is coming along. He is back at cadets and is loving that, Lucas has even joined up now so having his little brother along is pretty great. That was something that both Lucas and Alex very much looked forward to sharing so still being able to do that is really amazing, the CO at cadets made sure that Alex had special duties and that he can continue for as long as he wants. Alex has even been practicing on the full pipes again so there could be hope yet.

A couple weeks ago Alex also starting playing sledge hockey they practice a couple times a week it was a very rough start to begin with but he is really coming along now and the physical activity is doing him a world of good.

As time goes on and we get closer to his birthday I worry about his emotional and mental well-being but over all he has been an absolute trouper, he has even gotten the ball rolling on other areas of life that I would not have thought he would want to tackle but he wheels in head first most of the time and gives it a go.



4 thoughts on “Hockey Season

  1. Hi Alex

    Wow, you continue to impress me. I am so excited that you are beginning to play your pipes again. Ms. Wilson and I were just thinking about you playing and wishing we could have you for our Remembrance Day ceremony at school. Maybe next year if you are ready!


  2. Hi Alex,

    Congrats on starting to play your pipes again. You will succeed in anything you set your mind to. I’m very happy you started to play sledge hockey, continue experimenting in your journey. You are amazing!

    Good luck
    Uncle Cliff


  3. Hi Alex, from Medicine Hat

    My thoughts of you just came to me today. I have a real need to reach out to you. Alex, you are going through probably one of the hardest things anyone could ever endure. I am so hurt that this has happened to you. I ache for you and try to imagine putting myself in your shoes. I am often scared I’ll lose my legs in a car accident driving back and forth to Calgary so very often. As a former ballerina, it’s one of my biggest fears, and am saddened and so upset it happenned to you.

    I hear of medical advancements often, and pray in a few more years there will be many tools for you to even walk. Today I heard about a brain transplant in a disabled monkey. Perhaps you can google it.

    I truly want the best for you and pray deep in my heart that God answers your prayers whatever they may be. You are very courageous. And when I think of my hardships and Christinas, I think of the more difficult obstacles you face, that are far far worse and I’m humbled and try to move forward with courage. It’s really cool seeing you play sports and going to cadets and relying on those close acquaintances comradery and friendships and support. You are loved by many, and first and foremost our Christ and God, the saints, and our most glorious mother of God the Panagia. Cling to them, and place your hope in them. Once a priest told me to read the ‘small compline’ (a series of prayers) every night before bed. It covers many things and it feels so good to read and pray with. I hope this will help you as it does with us. You are a hero, going through this every day.

    We love you,


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