Wedding X 2

Alex is gearing up for school again and he has gotten a job volunteering with the military museum it keeps him busy and helps him feel needed and purposeful.  He is still having some ups and downs but that is expected he is a trooper and stronger than I would be.

It’s been a busy few weeks! This Saturday we had a double wedding in the family both Kosta and I got married!! Not to each other don’t worry. Kosta married Sam (the most beautiful bride ever) and I married John the most amazing man ever!!. It was the most beautiful day and feels a lot like a fairy tale. All the kids had an important part including Alex who escorted me down the aisle and gave his blessing to John, it was very touching! Alex was also koumbarro for Sam and Kosta which is a great honor in the Greek culture. He then also played his small pipes to bring us into the reception it was wonderful to hear him play again. We all had a most wonderful day and are all very happy, plus now the guys have a chance of remembering anniversary’s as they have each other to help remind each other. We even had our aunt Toula visiting from Greece,we danced all night :).

However, as we know great happiness is often followed by great sadness.  At our bridal brunch the next morning, we received the news that our aunty Kathy in Lethbridge passed away. She has been ill for some time, and has had more than her share of hardship. We had invited her to the weddings but we knew she was in no shape to attend.  I know as she said many times in our lives that she would have LOVED dancing at Kostas wedding. Thankfully Alex and I had taken sometime not that long ago in fact it was one of our priorities after he was released from hospital to go visit thia. We had plans this week to go see her again and take thia Toula as well as she has not seen her sister in 11 years. However, life is what happens when your busy making plans. We love you thia Katina and your memory will be with us always, your suffering is over we will love you always our sympathy to your family.  Know that when you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know.



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