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Alex was asked to be the demo patient for a press release the Foothills hospital was doing in regards to a research project they are doing with the EKSO Alex was training on while in hospital. Unfortunately, he is not part of the research study itself, however he was asked by hospital communications group, the physio and the doctor spearheading the research study. Apparently, Alex is the most famous patient they have ever had according to the communications rep that called us in.

As always Alex stole the show! They showed him at the 5PM news link below about 27min in so fourth dot 😀

The did a longer shot on the 6PM show here is the link should take you straight to him.

The CBC was also there and Metro News, if we find anymore clips I will add them as well.
Alex is still having some pretty dark times but he is still a source of great pride for John and I such a great spirit. We are very proud indeed.


One thought on “More News

  1. Dear Alex and Stella,
    I saw the exoskeleton and Alex wearing it on the news. I immediately broke down into tears. I pray for any any thing like this that will help with Alex’s progress. My heart goes out to you Alex for what you endure every second of the day. I had an ankle replacement surgery July 8 and am non weight bearing. I am home bound and mostly in bed recovering.

    It is nothing in comparison to what you endure every minute. I pray peace to you and love and understanding of Gods will for you. I pray for a miracle of complete recovery. We all love you Alex and you humble us so much, for this happened to you a very good person. What is God trying to show us, we must seek and find in our lives and hearts.

    Continue to be patient and strong Alex, for you are such an example of it for others and me.

    Thank you for sharing the segment about the exoskeleton study. I hope you get your own one soon.
    Love Voula Douvis


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