It’s been a very busy few weeks and we are still getting into the groove. School is officially over and Alex did VERY well on his exams and is very happy to be done.

Alex is still hand cycling every week I even went with him last night I have a whole new respect for Alex and other wheelchair bound people, using your arms to do everything is EXHAUSTING. Let’s just say I was schooled from now on I will stick to my foot pedal bike. Thanks hand cyclers for letting me try and not laughing to hard 🙂

This week we also bought a new vehicle I now drive a truck!! Thanks SOOOO much to Sam, Ahmed and the entire team at Advantage Ford for jumping through hoops for us and making it happen we are loving our new F150.

Alex came into the office with me to help do some phone calls and odd jobs around the office.  Worse case he can sit a reception according to him he’s good at looking pretty and showing leg :).

Alex is still having a hard time adjusting pretty often but he is coming to terms with things over all and appears to be on the upward swing. The Foothills hospital reached out Mr. celebrity in part of a huge press release FMC is doing on the ECSO research and will be on the news again on the 20th I will let you all know what channels and share the links.

I also want to thank Alex’ old friend Emmett for coming by to visit him at home.  Just when Alex seemed to be at one of lowest moment, Emmett came over to spend the day with Alex. Thanks for keeping in touch it’s this stuff that keeps him going. I have said this from the beginning Alex needs his friends new and old.



2 thoughts on “NEW EXPERIENCE!!

  1. Congrats on the new vehicle. Alex, you are making some great gains. You deserve to be a celebrity. Sending you ongoing well wishes.


  2. I’m happy to hear about your new vehicle. I pray much help comes your way from every angle and for anything you need. Please call us if there’s anything we can do for you as well.

    It was also nice to see the tremendous effort by you in your race a few months ago.

    Love Voula D


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