Sinister 7

We received an email from a mom of one of Alex’ rugby teammates. Georgie is running in the sinister 7 race in the Crowsnest Pass on July 9th this is a 100 Mile race through the pass, the clincher is you have to complete this race in 30 hours!! Here is a link that leads you to the info package I recommend you scroll down and read what each leg involves.

Coming from the least fit person I know “me” this race looks like pure insanity and the most grueling thing to put your body through. Georgie is vowing to do it one way or the other and she is doing it for Alex. We can’t tell you what it means to us Georgie, that you will run for Alex. On top of the fundraising aspect the fact that you would do this race with Alex in mind is very touching to say the least. You are right Alex can’t give up but there are days that he would like to so thank you for showing him that he is not alone and people are still rooting for him. Please know that Alex and the entire family are cheering for you and our thoughts will be with you that whole 30 hours!!

Here is the email Georgie is sending out to generate support.

Georgie 1


Some of you may be aware I am running a long way on the 9th July. This is the furthest I have run in one go but only by 12km. I have been training for about a year and thinking about this for probably the last six months. The race is called the Sinister 7 and is held in the Crowsnest Pass area, where I will be covering 100 miles in under 30 hours. There are only 40 women running this race solo, where 12 finished last year; about 150 men running solo, where only 40 finished last year, and 200 teams taking part, where only 190 finished in 2015.

This year, I have decided to use my slight madness to help one of Christopher’s rugby friends.

Last December, Alex was tobogganing with his friends on his birthday when he hit a lamp post head first. He was in incredible pain and could not feel his legs. His friends immediately called 911. Alex required back surgery for T4-T7 decompression with fusion and instrumentation and he has spent most of this year in Foothills hospital. He is now home, but he has a long way to go. His past life of being in the cadets, playing football and rugby have now changed considerably. He is an amazing teenager, with such guts, courage and strength. He is determined to continue doing what he can and he recently completed the 10k at the Calgary marathon in a wheel chair. He is only 15 years old.

I will be running for a couple of charities on Alex’s request. One is the SCI Alberta who have been amazing to Alex and his family since his accident. The other is gofundme/rally4alex, which will help Alex’s family adapt and pay for the medical expenses, wheelchairs, alterations to their house etc.

So please, please sponsor me. I know this year has been tough, but this is a really valuable cause and I will crawl across this line if I have to. I will not quit, as Alex can’t. This is his new life.

Link to SCI Alberta – please mention Alex’s name or the S7

Link to gofundme/Rally4Alex – please mention the S7

Thank you.



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