Proud Parents

Today John and I got up at 4AM to take Alex downtown for his first ever 10K marathon. It wasn’t until we got down there that it finally hit me that my kid who suffered a LIFE altering (to say the least) incident less than 6 months ago who has only been released from hospital for just over 3 weeks AND has only been on a hand cycle only a hand full of times was doing a 10K marathon!! Not only that, but he did it to raise money to give back to just some of the people that have helped him.  Thanks everyone again for helping him to do that I can’t tell you what this means to him.

After watching him do one more interview on live TV, like an old pro (Shaw TV 2016 Marathon coverage) Found the Shaw clip he is within the first 5 min.

I was struck by how proud I am of him, he is not just strong but wise. I asked him again if he was sure he wanted to do this as I watched him shake from the adrenaline and fear, “mom I just hope I can finish I owe to all those people who have helped us” in the end he came in just shy of one hour, he was hoping for 45 min but there is always next year!! It’s a good sign that he is already thinking of what to do next!!

I don’t know what we have done to be given the privilege to be our children’s parents but we are grateful to say the least, we are particularly proud of Alex and the man he is turning out to be.

Way to go Alex we love you!! You killed it.

Here is a like to a story 660 News did on SCI AB today.


One thought on “Proud Parents

  1. And you should be very proud ! Congrats to Alex and continued best wishes and prayers in all endeavors. I’ve seen some of your interviews in the past week – you’re an inspiration to us all ! Hugs, Merviana Cheveldayoff



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