Getting into the Rhythm!

Alex has been home just over two weeks now, it is definitely a challenge at times but he is so good and trying to do things on his own, still he needs a great deal of help right now. We are getting into a little bit of a rhythm and he is going to school every day this is helping him on so many levels and he is getting a lot done. He has done a couple presentations for the grade fives at Lucas’ school and the grade nines at St. Joan of Arc. He really loves doing these talks it’s kind of his way of helping to give back, letting people know there is always a way out of everything.


Last week Alex and I took a trip down to Lethbridge for the day so we could go see Auntie Kathy she has been ill as well and with everything we have not been able to visit since the fall, it was a great visit and we are hoping to do it more often. We met a bunch of other family for dinner as well it was very nice. Alex finds now that things like long car rides are a little more draining then they were before but still was nice to get out and see everyone.

On Sunday May 22 Alex appeared in the Calgary Sun they did a story on the marathon he is doing on Sunday

He is going to have a little run in the media again this week we are on CTV Morning show Tuesday AM and Good Morning Calgary on Wednesday, I will try to get the links up on the blog for all to see.


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