Home at Last!!!

After 19 long weeks Alex was finally released from hospital yesterday! It was a very exciting and terrifying day. He came into the office with me we had our weekly meeting, he really wanted to come in and thank the team for all they have done for him. I was impressed, he actually spoke words and didn’t just grunt there might be hope for him yet.

We are taking it one day at a time, next step school and learning to get around the city on his own. He is already learning his limitations. As accommodating as our world is, it’s not enough but he has a great attitude and we are all very proud of where his is and what he has accomplished so far.

He probably won’t like the picture so much but I couldn’t help it, I snuck into his room this morning and took his picture while he was sleeping. It feels a lot like the first time we brought him home. I remember thinking well what now? I’m supposed to keep him alive?? In some ways he needs just as much care as he did then but it’s all worth it, we have our son back home with his family where he belongs!!

Thanks so much everyone for being there for us in this trying time for our family words just can’t express the gratitude we feel. I know as a family we are just getting stronger and Alex will to!

We will keep the blog going as I have heard from so many people how much they like the updates. Obviously, the updates are coming in far slower now as there is not a lot to share but we will be sharing all the milestones as we come up to them.


3 thoughts on “Home at Last!!!

  1. Glad to hear he’s finally home!

    I don’t envy you having to deal with a teenager, let alone a teenager that has to learn his limitations and see how his world has changed… Good luck!


  2. Not easy…. May the angels and Saints be by your sides.

    I pray for everyday miracles
    My heart hurts and hopes. You’re an angel of God Alex….
    I love you all


  3. So glad you are home with your family Alex. Praying for only good things ahead for you and never give up on your dreams.


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