A Taste of Home

Rugby Game


On Thursday afternoon it was the first Rugby game of the season at Bowness, Alex had mixed feelings about going but in the end we talked him into it. Shortly after he arrived the whole Bowness rugby team surrounded him and presented him with a signed jersey and a warm up shirt, he was so touched, he stayed for all the games but was still pretty sad after.


On Friday we were able to move back in after phase one of our Reno’s were completed Alex was so excited that he jumped into a cab at 12:30 right after his last therapy for the day and headed home.  It was so great to see him pull up in the cab. He tried the ramp for the first time he loves it!

The flooring is perfect he has full access to everything. He was able to surprise Lucas.  He picked him up from the bus stop.  He hid in his room when John came home to check out how everything was coming together, John was so surprised I thought he was gonna cry.

There was a moment in the afternoon where I found Alex just staring out the front window I asked him what he was looking at he said “me” “ I can see myself walking mom, I can see that day so vividly, I can see myself walking out the door and down that road”.  Alex stayed for dinner that night and returned for dinner on Saturday and Sunday as well. He doesn’t feel ready for an overnight yet and I didn’t want to push him.

It’s really good to have these moments together in our home.  This is what we have been waiting almost 4 months for!! But it also slapped us with how much our lives have changed, not just for Alex but all of us and how we work together. 

I just want to thank everyone again for all the support we really could not get through this without all of you!!



One thought on “A Taste of Home

  1. I have tears of joy for Alex and his wonderful family ! Welcome home , Alex – our very best wishes as you enjoy, adjust and grow every day.
    Merviana & Don C. ( Danika’s grandparents )


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