More Work!

So it’s been a busy week the Ramp is 100% done except for staining and the powers that be are deciding what is the best to use.  🙂  Thanks so much to the guys from PCL for coming out and doing the ramp it’s so great!! We can’t thank you all enough.

 On Thursday of last week we had a crew of movers come out to move us out so we could get the flooring done they have been working practically around the clock but we will be all done and moving back in on Friday!! Alex is going to start coming home with OT & PT to train in the house working on transferring onto the house toilet, bath and into our car. Once he can master that he can come home, they are thinking May 7th but that can change as we know it has before. He will come home when he is ready right now they are really pushing for weekend visits so getting OT and PT in with him is very important.

 Once we have this part of the Reno’s done we will start planning the addition so he has his own space and a bathroom built for him so his struggle is a little easier.

Thanks so much to Mike at Urban Castle for all your hard work there are no words to express our gratitude!! Also a big thank you to George and Chris at Landstar for coordinating all this it’s a great stress reliever knowing we have such a great team in our corner.

Alex is counting the seconds to come home and at the same time I think he is scared.  In the hospital, he can just be rehabbing and working coming home makes it real and forever.  We are pushing him to get out and attend games at the high school and get out and do normal teenage stuff.  He gets nervous and looks for excuses for why he can’t and we just keep telling him why he has to.



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