Hi Everyone, I am sorry there have not been many updates but really not much going on :).

When I say not much I mean in the way of changes in Alex. He still has some very quiet moments where I see a great sadness in his eyes. He has stopped going to cadets and band practice for now.  He finds he can’t play his pipes as he can’t feel the bottom of his lungs and it’s very difficult to sit up when you have no abs!! But he isn’t giving up.  He keeps practicing but it’s also a source of pain for him going and seeing everyone at cadets is just big reminder of what he has lost.

He still gives it his all in PT/OT/REC therapy’s (and others I can’t remember he has 6-8 hours’ worth a day!!).  He seems to be less angry during therapy sessions and is concentrating more on doing it well rather than fast.  I think in his mind set it was if he was going to be a paraplegic then he was going to be the best paraplegic ever!! I think he now is realizing, that what he is learning now is just setting the tone for the rest of his life so he needs to take the time now.

He is doing amazingly well considering.  He is very positive, overall, but he really wants to come home. He has had enough.  He won’t eat the hospital food and I don’t blame him that stuff is ok for a day or two but beyond that it’s just gross.

We should hopefully start the building of the ramp in a few days and some other modifications soon as well. We will be doing an addition on the house to the back and creating a little oasis of sorts for Alex. Thanks again to EVERYONE for your help and support.  We are so much more than just grateful having one less thing to worry about is very nice.

I can’t tell you how many times in the last 12 weeks that I have thought I would just wake up and find this all to be just some strange nightmare.  Sometimes when we talk about Alex and what he is going through, it feels not real like it will just go away but it’s not going away.  This is his life now and we are extremely proud of him and his accomplishments. I know he will make his mark on this world we don’t know where or how yet, stay tuned :).



One thought on “Update!!

  1. I am sick sick sick over you and Alex

    I want a miracle

    I want him to have his happiness back.

    I want I need I pray to God for a change a miracle of healing

    Please God, forgive us our transgressions and please heal this boy I pray

    I love you all, I will get a check yo you when I see your mom at church

    Love Voula Douvis Medicine Hat

    Sent from my iPhone



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