On Sunday, the Greek community put on a HUGE fundraiser in support of Alex.  There was huge turnout and a great success.  Fundraiser included food, prizes, raffle and a silent auction.

Again, we are so awed by the help and support.  I put together a very poorly done presentation but the thought was there 🙂.   See the link below to view it.

Thanks again everyone there really are no words.



2 thoughts on “Fundraiser

  1. Dear momma dear Stella….
    I pray and pray for all that is good for you and your family. Thank you for putting together the YouTube presentation and letting us into your lives. It’s was very well done , I just cannot bear this reality. I’m hurt that this has happened. I pray for love and peace and great miraculous healing and patience. I couldn’t make it to the fundraiser, but please know I want to help out as soon as I’m in town again. With love,
    Voula Douvis


  2. Very sorry I didn’t make it on Sunday
    we loved your your tube presentation, thank you for sharing
    Hearts are breaking,
    Continue the fight,
    You have our love and prayers
    And our support


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