New Chair

Sorry that the updates are more sporadic now it’s a challenge keeping up with home, work, kids and Alex.

Alex is a little feisty about the blog he likes it but doesn’t understand why we need to update EVERYTHING. I try to explain that there are people all over the world watching for updates and this how we can keep everyone in the loop.

Sometimes I forget to and that there are people that don’t get to see him every day so even the smallest change is big to them. We are really trying to get photos and videos when we can but not everyone allows it so it can be a challenge.

Alex is finally in chair trials!!

Because wheelchairs are very expensive and very custom OT really likes it if patients are given opportunities to try out a few different kinds before designing a chair for themselves, we have chosen a vender to work with and now Alex is doing trials.  Every week he gets to try a different chair and then after a few he gets to design his own which takes a few months to build.

Also we are needing a little help if anyone knows someone who is willing to go to the hospital to give Alex a pedicure 😀 I know this sounds really funny but his feet are in rough shape he is very self-conscious of them and I think it would be nice treat. If anyone knows someone or a company that offers travelling esthetic services please give me a call.

Alex is still doing really well his spirits are good and he is handling it so well!! I can finally get through a day without crying.  I think sometimes I just find tears on my face and I am not sure why. We are holding up well and are still very grateful that we have our Alex in light of the recent accident that occurred in Calgary.  It really brought to light how very different this could have been. In a very eerie coincidence, the two twins that died shared their birthday with Alex they were exactly two years older than he is.

Thanks again everyone for all your help and support words can’t express how grateful we are.


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