Visit from RMC

On Wednesday Alex had a visit from two former students from the Royal Military College in Kingston AKA RMC. The two gentlemen who also happened to play on the Rugby team. As we in the family know Jana Macdonald Alex’ principal has not stopped!! She keeps looking for new ways to boost Alex. She reached out to RMC and shared his story, she really didn’t like to hear that his dream was crushed. Talk about an amazing person and someone you want guiding our future!! I will have more on Jana later 🙂

I guess the administrators at RMC then shared Alex’ story with the current faculty, students attending and alumni. He has become a bit of a celebrity! Apparently, they have even seen the blog. They are all rooting for him and to prove this the two gentleman who came, one is no longer a part of the armed forces the other a recruiter for RMC.  They brought him a rugby ball signed by the whole team and a jersey that was recently used with the promise that there was likely blood on it 🙂 Alex very much liked this!!

There was also a very special letter from Brigadier-General Sean Friday the Commandant of the College with some very kind words and hopes for the future. This letter was not a form letter or copied off Google.  It was very kind of the Commandant to take the time to write to Alex and for the guys to come out and see him!! Thanks so much!! Alex was left with one parting thought that his RMC family were rooting for him and that they are very big and he can reach out anytime and they are there to serve.


I know this Alex may not serve our country in the capacity he wanted to before, and oh how he LOVES that uniform and the pride he has wearing it for Canada.  I know he is only a cadet but still Canada. He will do something he is more determined than ever to be a psychologist and help in that way and he said you never know mom maybe I can help my brothers who come back.


One thought on “Visit from RMC

  1. This is from Nic Pawelko’s grandma Denise Exner you are one amazing family and so enjoy reading your blogs I don’t know how you do it . I do know you are burning the candle at both ends. My love , support and prayers are with you. I am so happy I got to meet Alex last summer at one of there outings. Nic is very lucky to have Alex as a friend.


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