Moving Day

Today Alex has moved from his unit in fact out of that building!! All good signs.  It means he can move forward with his rehab. Unfortunately, he has had to give up his private room.  But his new roommate is an older gentleman, him and his wife are very sweet.  I am sure they will both be bugging the nurses soon enough! There are a lot of great places to hang out as well and he has a lot more freedom to roam.

This also poses an issue if you would like to get in to see Alex, you will have to get the info and password from someone in the family as they will turn you away from the unit if you don’t have it. I know this is an pain for everyone and we hate to do it but Alex has his reasons. Before visiting please let Alex know and an approximate time as his schedule will be very different now and he could be in therapy.  If you still don’t have Alex’ contact info reach out to me and we can give it to you.

The one time in life that its ok to have your kid in rehab!! One step closer to having him HOME!!!


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