Many of you know and others may not, I work for the most amazing place in the world!!

I started working for  RMG | retailMEDIA  in January of 2012 after being unemployed for sometime. After getting over the shock of getting the job I was pretty surprised I was able to trick them that well in the interview 🙂

Within the first few months I realized that it was a match made in heaven from my perspective it feeds the OCD side of me to a T ( or CDO according to John I have it so bad I need to alphabetize it).

It’s come to a point I find myself working to relax. I remember calling Jill within a week of Alex’ injury begging her to let me work 🙂 I would do anything for them except sales sorry CR!!

The whole company and everyone a part of it is amazing and these people CHOOSE to keep me around not sure why. Anyway the RMG team has decided to open an education fund for Alex they have started it with $15,000 from the company and are looking for ways to fundraise the rest up to $60,000 just in case he wants his masters.

John, myself and Alex are absolutely blown away by this!! There are no words to express our gratitude. Thank you just doesn’t seem like it’s enough. John was silent on the phone and Alex’ face was priceless 🙂


One thought on “RMG

  1. Tears of joy for Alex and for you Stella! So glad you are part of the RMG. They are passionate about their people and what they do.


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