Blog Update

On Friday Alex had some visitors from out of town again. Grandma, Auntie Rhonda and Austin. They were all able to see him in physio and they played some cards in the afternoon.  They all went out to dinner that night he is loving the field trips and feeling of freedom it gives him, he really wants to come home for dinner one Sunday so we really need to get the ramp going 🙂

He is learning the challenges that are out there for him, at dinner on Friday he had to catheterize himself, this was the first time doing it out of hospital he learned that it might be safer to bring certain tools with him after almost falling out of his chair, but half an hour later he was ready to go.

He also received a very cool hoodie from cadets this week, that has his name on the back and Pipe Major down the left arm.


He is getting a little more comfortable with the cab rides its a little freaky as he still doesn’t trust his chair, I don’t blame him it is just a loner and just a practice chair. He will be meeting with vendors starting this week to see what sort of style of chair will be his preference.

 We also went to a movie on Sunday he really enjoyed that! the more we can get back to real life the more he flourishes. Don’t be surprised if you see Alex out on the town!!

On that note if you are planning to visit please check with Alex or myself first as he is out and about on weekends now and even some weeknights for cadets so please check first as he would hate to miss you.





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