On Sunday, the Greek community put on a HUGE fundraiser in support of Alex.  There was huge turnout and a great success.  Fundraiser included food, prizes, raffle and a silent auction. Again, we are so awed by the help and support.  I put together a very poorly done presentation but the thought was there 🙂.   See the link below to … More Fundraiser

New Chair

Sorry that the updates are more sporadic now it’s a challenge keeping up with home, work, kids and Alex. Alex is a little feisty about the blog he likes it but doesn’t understand why we need to update EVERYTHING. I try to explain that there are people all over the world watching for updates and this … More New Chair

Jon Cornish

Jon Cornish is a former CFL running back who played nine seasons with the Calgary Stampeders ( feel like there is theme here!!) Jon Cornish heard Alex’ story through a friend and has been wanting to come see Alex for some time. He and Alex made arrangements to meet for a bit Friday night. Jon … More Jon Cornish

Cousin Tre!

On Thursday Cousin Tre surprised Alex and texted he was coming up from Brooks for a visit. Tre had come for a visit shortly after Alex’ accident with his mom and sister and grandparents Uncle Cliff and Auntie Gloria a couple weeks after surgery. Tre is a few years older than Alex but they kind … More Cousin Tre!

Visit From Nik Lewis!

Today former Stampeder Nik Lewis came to visit Alex. He now plays for Montreal we won’t hold it against him 🙂 Nik brought Alex a hat signed by him and some great photo’s.  Unfortunately, they came just after Alex moved.  Now not having a private room he can’t have all his Jerseys hanging but they … More Visit From Nik Lewis!

Moving Day

Today Alex has moved from his unit in fact out of that building!! All good signs.  It means he can move forward with his rehab. Unfortunately, he has had to give up his private room.  But his new roommate is an older gentleman, him and his wife are very sweet.  I am sure they will both … More Moving Day

Visit from RMC

On Wednesday Alex had a visit from two former students from the Royal Military College in Kingston AKA RMC. The two gentlemen who also happened to play on the Rugby team. As we in the family know Jana Macdonald Alex’ principal has not stopped!! She keeps looking for new ways to boost Alex. She reached … More Visit from RMC

Nick Times 2

Yesterday I was invited by Jana MacDonald, the principal of Bowness High school, to come and witness both Nick P and Nick E receive EMS awards for their help the night of the incident. I have said it before both John and I are very proud of the boys and what they did for Alex. … More Nick Times 2