Back to Real Life!

So last night Alex and I went to Cadets. He has been granted leave for a few hours at a time, his therapists want him getting himself back into real life in stages. Alex wanted to go to band and see his “brothers” and play his pipes for a spell. Last night we called an accessible cab and off we went, I wanted to make sure we didn’t overdo it so I had another cab booked for an hour later. He did so good! It was good to see him doing inspections even though he was unshaved and no haircut himself, that will change. Watching the other cadets interact with him like nothing happened was great! There was a small group that wanted to “help” Alex into the elevator from the snickering and giggles after the door closed I was sure he would be trapped, but all went well. Alex was very upset to leave he wanted to stay the whole time and we will try that next time, maybe.

He was very disappointed to be going back to the hospital. He is getting worn out already and wants to come home but I think the little trips will help get him through. We should be getting Access approval anytime now so that will help until then, a cabbing he will go!!

A special thank you to Moose 604 Cadet band for the lovely card it was a special boost.

A extra special thank you to Alex’ 2137 family you are all an amazing bunch and he really could not do this without your support.



One thought on “Back to Real Life!

  1. That’s awesome that Alex gets to go on adventures out of the hospital! I’m so happy to hear his cadets friends helped make his trip to cadets a great one 🙂 Good friends are such a fantastic thing.


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