Sorry for the delay on the update it’s been a busy week, Alex keeps getting a lot of visitors which is great! We have been keeping the visitors to all people he knows well. Sorry not everyone that wants to come can Alex is pretty choosy and I know it’s a bit of hassle having to come through us or Alex but he has his reasons.

This week has been busy Alex is working on moving from chair to bed, laying down, then up again this process takes about 20 min! It’s crazy what we take for granted the simplest of tasks take forever for him.

He has finally gotten a manual chair that he can get around in (nurses look out! J) He has started taking his online courses so he is definitely keeping busy and still gets tired easily.

Some of the football trainers came by they had heard that he was planning to play Rugby so they brought him a couple balls one All Blacks signed by the coaches and a Scottish ball!! He loves them thanks guys!!

This certainly has been a crazy month we are still trying to come to terms with it.  I find myself crying at the most random times. Alex has his good days and some bad. Overall he just wants to come home, you know it’s bad when he wants to spend time with his brothers :).  We miss him dearly, trying to keep up with work, home, the other kids and everything else is proving to be a challenge. However we are getting so much help our heads are spinning! Not matter who we run into they offer help.

Thanks so much everyone! Alex is strong and everyday he gets better and better he has a long road ahead of him.  However as physical as it will be it’s the mental and emotional fight that is proving to be the biggest hurdle.

Pictures to follow!


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