The Hill

Sorry we have not updated in a while it’s been really busy. We went to visit the hill not sure why just wanted to see what changed all our lives forever in an instant!!

Not sure what I was expecting this big bad horrible place that I could then be angry at and have something or someone to blame! One of the things I hate about the world we live in is there is always someone else to blame but it’s human nature I guess.

Well we went and as I stood at the top of the hill looking down I realized that it was a pretty great hill and I sooo wanted to give it a try!! And why not in a day and age where our kids are stuffed into structured play and we ram play dates down their throats and X box one and PS4 are more common than a toilet seats.  I wonder again for the millionth X 100 time why MY son!! Why. Once the tears I was sure I didn’t have left stopped I thought what about the next kid what if the next kid died or ended up with a brain injury.

I decided to do some research in the City of Calgary not Los Angeles or Las Vegas but Calgary where let’s face it is likely to have more snow than not there are only a handful of approved tobogganing hills and if you are caught tobogganing at non approved hill you can be fined. To find said hills you need to call 311 or go online. Right!! Like Johnny and Sally before going out will go online or call 311 to see if a hill is approved. Kids are gonna tobbogan anywhere there is even the slightest hill and so they should! Would a sign have stopped our boys I guarantee not its the spot.  The day we were there about 10 kids were there some with parents most without. I don’t think anyone is responsible for this accident Alex had. I am proud of the boys and the choices they made that night Nick and Nick I believe helped save Alex that night they kept their cool and knew what to do. Thanks Guys 🙂

However for the cost of a few bucks those poles could have been wrapped three feet from the pole with snow fence like they do at snow hills or as I have seen the city do to keep snow from drifting onto road ways to save them from paying to much for plowing. Is a child’s life not worth it??? I don’t know please stop bubble wrapping our kids let them out to play but lets TRY to removed some of the life threatening dangers



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