Precious Life

So this last half of this week has been fun our furnace broke not once not twice but THREE times!! Stella not happy when she’s cold 🙂 poor John.

Thanks to Dale at Global Home Energy for trouble shooting and coming out so much we are warm now.

Alex has received quite the collection of Jerseys he has hung them all up now his room looks great. The football coaches came by with his Jerseys signed from both Bowness and SWC thanks they are very cool 🙂

Some pals from Rugby came by and he received a great Ovechkin Jersey from Stuart a friend from Stella’s work.

A special thank you to Jimmy Kirtikos for being diligent in getting donations from all he meets.  I’m scared to run into him as he will probably shake me down for one to 🙂 Thanks Jimmy and to all who gave into him.

Alex seems a lot more at peace with his fate these last couple days he knows we have a long road ahead and none of us knows the end result but this is his life for now 🙂 He started his school work and is playing his chanter again.

He had a VERY scary episode during physio on Friday that freaked the crap out of mom.  Needless to say he was rushed back to unit in a stretcher we are not sure yet but it looked like a case of autonomic dysreflexia which is essentially a sudden increase in blood pressure as the body thinks it’s in some kind of distress.

Makes me realize yet again how close we came to losing him and how much he has to fight for everything now. Seeing everyone in the unit literally drop what they were doing and run to Alex and care for him brought back the night of the 21st so vividly again a night I never want to repeat and one I will never forget!





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