Message from Aunties

On Sunday we came up to spend a couple days in Calgary with Alex and his family. We have been very fortunate to spend lots of time with Alex.

Alex is truly an amazing young man. His positive attitude and great sense of humour makes everyone want to spend time with him.

He does have some very quiet moments that you can see he is trying to put on a brave face but deep down you can see it in his face and his eyes and you can only guess what he is thinking. Perhaps it is about the journey that he will be taking for the years to come.

Alex told us he really wants to send a message over the blog to thank everyone for their help and support. He said that he reads Alex’s Journey and it now hits him that this journey isn’t about getting out of the hospital it’s now his life and his journey ahead. It was very hard to hear that from a 15 year old boy. In knowing who Alex is we have faith that he will accomplish everything that his body will allow and work very hard on the things his body won’t allow. 😍

We were excited to go with Alex to Physio. Physio is where a person really realizes the road ahead that Alex will need to travel. From being able to lean forward or to the side to grab a pen from the therapists hand without falling over. Or to be able to lift himself up with his arms so that in the future he can transfer from his chair to a bed or other furnishing. Something many of us take for granted, Alex has to work extremely hard to accomplish.

He is working so hard to be able to do these thing and we are all so proud of him.

Check out a video we took showing part of his journey.

Keep up the amazing work and positive attitude.
We love you lots Auntie Mattie and Jackie


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