Message from John


Humbled, awestruck, overwhelmed, loved. These are just a few of the feelings we are experiencing, we want to most humbly thank you all for the words, thoughts, prayers, food, support, information & donations!!

We’ve always known that Alex is a great kid and he touches so many lives, but we didn’t know how many and how deeply. We only know how much we love and adore him and every thing he does no matter how big or how small.

We have experienced great pain over the last short while and yet we are extremely grateful as we know this could have been far worse.

Again thank you to those we know, those we hardly know and those we don’t know at all. The support that has enveloped us has truly overwhelmed us and it just keeps coming.

As a family the last couple weeks have taken us to dark places but we want to ensure you that like Alex we grow stronger everyday and with your continued love and support our family will be stronger than ever. Like one of our family motto says this to shall pass!

Words truly can not express our thanks and how deeply we have been touched.


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