Thanks for Friends

More Friends!! πŸ‘
Today was an up down up day Alex was having an ok day our good friend Angela came for a visit.


Alex had a bit of a break down afterward it is sinking in a bit that this is his life. He went for physio and has learned to roll over he still needs some help but he is doing very well!!


In the evening he had a bunch more friends from St. Joan of Arc Joa, Bella, Nicolas & Nicolai all came. He also had some more teachers from St Joan Mrs Truffin, Mrs Knights and Mrs Bennett.

Friends from Bowness and Troy who he worked with in mechanics.
Visitors especially his friends really help boost him. Thank you everyone for your constant support!!



2 thoughts on “Thanks for Friends

  1. Alex
    We have been reading the updates and so happy that each day is better than the one before. We are praying for a complete recovery and will keep doing so.
    We send you our love and positive energy
    Tina, George, Maria and Krina


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