Thank you

Tonight Alex had some visitors from his St. Joan Family his grade nine teachers! Mr B, Mrs Q and Mr P thanks so much for coming out Alex was very happy to see you all.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the support and offers of help. We appreciate it very much and will most definitely be needing all the support we can get going forward!

We have been trying to paint a very optimistic picture as we are not wanting to give up hope, however we are being told that there is little to no hope of Alex ever making a full recovery, and will most likely not recover much more feeling at all. He is currently completely paralyzed from the chest down and likely will be forever.

Having said all that Alex’ destiny is in his hands and we are prepared to support and encourage him no matter the outcome. Thoughts and prayers are always appreciated!!

Stella, John, Jackson, Lucas, Leo and of course 🙂 Alex


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