Great Company

Yesterday was a very busy day for visitors 🙂 thanks everyone for coming out!! Alex had his friend Alissa visit. They have been friends since kindergarten. We had three groups of cadets, uncle Clifford and his family, Pam, Greg and Georgia Landgraf and uncle Dave auntie Mattie and Nikki, Mike and little Ava just to name a few!! He was so pooped he slept until 9AM!! Which sounds early in teenager world but for Alex this last two weeks that’s late!!



2 thoughts on “Great Company

  1. Hey Alex,

    We’ve just heard your news. We know from the rugby field how strong and determined you are and I’m sure you will fight this all the way.

    I just wanted you to know that we are all rooting for you in your battle.

    James, Mike and all the coaches and players at Calgary Saints RFC


  2. Hey Alex ,

    I just wanted to pass on all my best wishes. I know you can fight this and get back on your feet.

    Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen tomorrow because we are all here for you for as long as it takes.

    All the best

    Coach Vinny and the Calgary Saints Rugby Club


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