Visit from CJAY 92

This morning I received a call from Gerry Forbes at CJAY 92! Then they dropped off a ton of gift cards from so many different places, Nick’s Steak house, Molly Maid, Cineplex, Toys R us, Esso, Sobeys, iTunes, pre paid credit cards, a spa and $1000 cash!!! Wow I love this City and its people. … More Visit from CJAY 92

Back to Real Life!

So last night Alex and I went to Cadets. He has been granted leave for a few hours at a time, his therapists want him getting himself back into real life in stages. Alex wanted to go to band and see his “brothers” and play his pipes for a spell. Last night we called an … More Back to Real Life!

Tommy the Trojan

Tommy the Trojan! Alex had a special visit from Tommy the Trojan and Mrs. Macdonald on Monday, Alex thought it was funny that 3 minutes after Tommy left Alex’ friend Earl walked in 🙂 Mrs. Macdonald also got Alex a way cool camo Flames hat he LOVES!! It was very cool.    


Sorry for the delay on the update it’s been a busy week, Alex keeps getting a lot of visitors which is great! We have been keeping the visitors to all people he knows well. Sorry not everyone that wants to come can Alex is pretty choosy and I know it’s a bit of hassle having … More ALEX ON A ROLL!!

Precious Life

So this last half of this week has been fun our furnace broke not once not twice but THREE times!! Stella not happy when she’s cold 🙂 poor John. Thanks to Dale at Global Home Energy for trouble shooting and coming out so much we are warm now. Alex has received quite the collection of … More Precious Life

The Hill

Sorry we have not updated in a while it’s been really busy. We went to visit the hill not sure why just wanted to see what changed all our lives forever in an instant!! Not sure what I was expecting this big bad horrible place that I could then be angry at and have something … More The Hill