After Surgery

Surgery – The surgery was for T4 – T7 decompression with fusion and instrumentation.

The surgery was a success and everything went great.  He didn’t have to be on ventilator and no more neck brace needed. They did have to tie him down because he wanted to sit up right away.  He is already trying to get up and going.  Alex still has a long road ahead for healing but by wanting to get up and go, he sounds like he wants to start soon.



31 thoughts on “After Surgery

  1. I know you will get better man, you are a fighter and I believe you will get back to 100%!

    I’m happy you got better man, sending all my support and love! Sending lots of love and support on behalf of the Joan family.


  2. You have always been so strong and we know you will fight through this! Sending you all our love, prayers, and energy.

    Love you!
    Denise, John, Alex, and Michael Panagakos


  3. So glad to see he is doing fine after the surgery my thoughts and prayer wiz u Alex and ur family be strong ur good spirit will pull-up back . Take care Stella my thoughts wiz as well


  4. Thinking of your whole family Alex, our prayers are covering you with God’s healing power at Christmas!
    All of our love, the Diamantopoulos Family


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